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Lakshmi Puja Varsha Pratipada The Conventional Puja

AarthiSome Puranic interpretations and some philosophical insights explain the relevance and significance of this festival.

  1. For some, Diwali is the triumphal return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya,
  2. While for some the festival is celebrated to venerate Goddess Laxmi - the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
  3. Light has always been a symbol for all that is positive in our world. The festival thus celebrates the glory of light.
  4. At a metaphysical level, Diwali leads us to the light of truth and knowledge.

No matter what the story or the reason behind the celebration, the deafening noise of the crackers and the light of the shimmering divas symbolize the subjugation of ignorance and immorality. The festival commemorates the destruction of evil powers, which subdues humanity, and it announces the triumph of good over evil. Whatever the interpretations or the mythology may be, the underlying principle remains the same, the emergence of good and truth after the subjugation of evil and untruth.

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