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Lakshmi Puja Varsha Pratipada The Conventional Puja

On the fourteenth day of the month of Ashwin or on the day next to Dhanatrayodashi, is celebrated the Choti Diwali also known as Narka Chatudashi. Every day has certain significance and traces its origin to some chapters of Hindu Mythology. Legend has it that there lived once a King Bali who ruled the nether world. But then severe penanceís and his ardent devotion gained him indomitable powers. So immense was his prowess that even the Gods feared him. It didnít take much time for the Gods to realize that King Bali had almost become a threat to them. Something had to be done before it was too late. And so they decided to seek refuge of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu in the guise of a dwarf visited King Bali and begged of him to grant him just the land, which he could cover with his three steps. King Bali was rather surprised for he thought how much land could this dwarf ask for. Known for his generosity, King Bali promptly granted his wish. But the moment he did so, Lord Vishnu manifested himself before King Bali. King Bali realized his folly but unfortunately he couldnít take back his word. Lord Vishnu covered the entire heaven in one step and with the second step he covered the earth there was no place left for him to keep his third step. And so King Bali offered his head, Lord Vishnu thus pushed the proud King down to the unknown depths of the netherworld. But he was granted a wish to return to earth once a year to visit his subjects. And so the people light their houses with innumerable lamps to welcome their King who visits them just once in a year.

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