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Lord Vishnu

Shri Ved VyasOnce during Tapobhoomi Namishaaranya Thirth, eighty eight thousand rishis and Muni. Shri Ved Vyas, the prime Pandit Sutji was seated in between the 88000 Rushi Muni like a Moon between the nine lakh stars.

Everyone asked Sutji Maharaj one question. " In the coming generation to get rid of all sorrows what is the remedy." We all are eager to hear from you. Hearing this request Shri Sutji said for the well being of humanity this question which you have said with the Blessings of Shri Ved Vyasji I am going to narrate to you. Now you will all listen with attention.

Sutji said in one year there are 12 months and the 12 months have 24 Ekadashis. In a Leap year (Purshottam Maas) there is one extra month so 2 additional Ekadashi are there. So total there are 26 Ekadashi. Now I am narrating the 26 Ekadashi names, only by listening to the names of the Ekadashi many sins are washed away. So listen attentively.

  1. Utpana
  2. Mokshada
  3. Saphala
  4. Putrada
  5. Sattila
  6. Jaya / Bhaimi
  7. Vijaya
  8. Amalaki
  9. Paapmochani
  10. Kamada
  11. Varutini
  12. Mohini
  13. Apara
  14. Nirjala
  15. Yogini
  16. Sayana / Padma
  17. Kamika
  18. Pavitropana
  19. Aja / Annada
  20. Parvartini / Parsva
  21. Indira
  22. Papankusha
  23. Rama
  24. Haribhodini / Utthana
  25. Adik maas Padmini
  26. Parama

Listening and reading the name only gives fruits. The sages have said that the fast and udyapan will give the fruits of the fasting.

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