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Samwat ke chaawal or Parsai ke chaawal

These are tiny, white, round grains almost like a mini from of Saboodana (Sago). Does not cook into separate grains like long grained rice, but stays a bit soggy. Otherwise this can replace rice in any recipe.

Singhare ka Atta (flour made from Waterchestnuts)

Used as a staple item during fasts, this is used not only for chapatis and paranthas, but for sweets and vadas etc. too. In most of the dishes you need to combine it with boiled potatoes or arbi, for binding.

Kootoo ka Atta

This flour is dark in colour, but quite tasty and known to be rich in fibre. Good for rotis, poories, etc. and used much in the same way as the Singhare ka atta, even though it is rougher in texture.

Sendha Namak / Lahori Namak (Rock Salt)

Rock Salt can be white or pink. The white one can be bought either whole or powdered. It has no distinctive flavour, so one really does not miss the ordinary salt. Can be used in the same quantities as ordinary salt.

The pink one - Kaala namak (black Rock Salt) turns black as soon as it gets wet, I suppose thatís where the name comes from!


Very tiny, light brown round balls, roasted and used. Roast them in a dry pan, and they pop into cottony, white balls. I have not given any recipe for this, but one very common preparation of this is to pop them and then blend with sugar or jaggery syrup of soft ball consistency, after which form them into laddoos. A healthy way to eat them is to substitute the roasted dana for cereal!

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