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Introduction Importance of Bharath Devotion Advaita
Reason The Lesson of Unity Bhakti
Make Kaama The servant of Raama Significance of Pilgrimages Bliss
Wisdom Moksha Faith Baba is Himself the Goal
Difficulties Purity Surrender Dharma
Dharma is the only Refugee Pilgrimages - The Holy places in India


Bhagawan Baba in the course of His Divine Discourses has time and again explained to us about the importance of pilgrimages and the inner significance of pilgrimages (holy places). Here is a garland of 18 gems of wisdom, which leads to transformation of an individual in the Divine Words of the Lord Himself. Our country has acquired a great name and fame all over the world. Our motherland has given birth to many great people.

We have also been able to achieve independence in a non-violent way. Art, music and literature, Shastras and knowledge have flourished in this land from time immemorial. Keeping in view these ancient and glorious traditions now it is up to us to maintain the respect of our motherland. The mother-country is not a map or an extent of soil, or a collection of names; it is the mother, which feeds the body as well as the mind; that sings lullabies and presents pictures for the eye and the spirit; it teaches the art of moving towards the goal of life, namely, self-realization. It gives every child knowledge of its potentialities and its limitations. It is the both Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

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