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It is necessary to derive wisdom from experience but it is equally essential to develop the faculty of discrimination, which enables us to employ it for the well being of the country. Education without discrimination and wisdom without discernment are of no use. Education is one thing and discrimination is quite another. Discrimination is the faculty that enables us to distinguish good from bad and confers upon us the ability to decide how much importance is to be given to various aspects in a given situation. Discrimination is a component of wisdom. Without discrimination one cannot pursue the right path. It is a mark of sagacity to display discrimination in all actions.

Through researches in atomic energy one may invent destructive weapons which can reduce to ashes the entire world in a second. The same atomic energy might help us to generate millions of kilowatts of electric power, which could be utilized for industries and agriculture, transforming the country into a smiling garden. An educated person should display discrimination in such matters and take the right course of action. Man's discoveries and inventions should not be for evil purposes, which lead to disaster and destruction. Discrimination guides us in properly employing them for augmenting production and promoting human welfare.

A man endowed with wisdom and discrimination will be honored and adored even though he may not have wealth or position. A person devoid of wisdom and discrimination can never blossom spiritually even though he may be an eminent educationist, a prominent scientist or a multi-millionaire. One without wisdom and discrimination cannot even distinguish between dharma and adharma. Therefore, every student must acquire wisdom and discrimination without resting on his oars after gaining theoretical knowledge. He should develop far-sighted vision along with wisdom and use it for the uplift of society.

In addition to wisdom, discrimination and experience, one should also possess inspiring commonsense. It cannot be acquired through books. In order to gain it one must travel extensively. It is for this purpose that our ancestors went on pilgrimages to see, speak to and touch the feet of holy men in sacred places. They also saw many sights and objects in this diverse universe of God and derived many valuable lessons therefrom. There are several objects in nature, which teach valuable lessons imparting wisdom. The development of commonsense consists in comprehending the origin and nature of such objects.

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