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Introduction Importance of Bharath Devotion Advaita
Reason The Lesson of Unity Bhakti
Make Kaama The servant of Raama Significance of Pilgrimages Bliss
Wisdom Moksha Faith Baba is Himself the Goal
Difficulties Purity Surrender Dharma
Dharma is the only Refugee Pilgrimages - The Holy places in India

Not by means of works, not by means of manpower or by means of wealth, by renunciation alone immortality can be attained. The works referred to are rituals like sacrifices, sacred fire rites, vows, charities, and donations to holy projects, pilgrimages, ceremonial baths in rivers and the sea. Through such activities, one cannot achieve Moksha or Liberation - that is to say, getting rid of the veil of ignorance. Na prajayaa, (not by means of man-power) means: the acquisition of positions of authority and power, of skill and intelligence, which can manipulate men and things, of fame and supremacy, of personal charm, of full health and happiness, of a large family with many children cannot confer on man Moksha or Liberation.

Sutra Vahini-Stream of Wisdom

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