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Introduction Importance of Bharath Devotion Advaita
Reason The Lesson of Unity Bhakti
Make Kaama The servant of Raama Significance of Pilgrimages Bliss
Wisdom Moksha Faith Baba is Himself the Goal
Difficulties Purity Surrender Dharma
Dharma is the only Refugee Pilgrimages - The Holy places in India

The benefit we can derive from anything is proportionate to the faith we place in it. From adoration of gods, pilgrimages to holy places, uttering of mantras or resorting to doctors, we derive benefit only according to the measure of our faith. When some one gives a discourse, the more faith we have in him as a scholar and as an exponent, the more clearly and directly we can draw the subject into our heats and understand the discourse deeper and deeper. For the growth of faith and for the fostering of understanding, an essential requirement is purity of the heart, of the very base of thought (the Kshetra), of the levels of consciousness (Chittha). Because, when self-inquiry or investigation into the self-existent Atma is suddenly undertaken while in the midst of diverse worldly and material entanglements, the effort would be rendered fruitless, as it would not stem from an eager will.

Vidya Vahini –IX

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