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Fill your lives with Love and end your lives with Love. That is true human life. The Upanishads have accorded great value to human life. Maanava is one who has to be loved and respected. He has to welcome happiness as well as sorrow with equanimity. In China there is a proverb which says, "Difficulties are our friends, let us welcome them." The happiness that we get out of difficulties cannot be obtained anywhere else. Na Sukhat Labhyate Sukham (one cannot derive happiness out of happiness). Many people come to Me saying they are facing lot of difficulties. I feel like laughing at them. I want to know what difficulties and sorrow mean. But they do not come anywhere near Me. I keep telling the devotees that they should not be bogged down by difficulties. I never give any scope for sorrow. This body has entered its 77th year. Till this day, I never experienced sorrow even for a moment. Man aspires for bliss. He is the embodiment of bliss. Bliss is his true property. Such being the case, why should he give scope for sorrow? It is because he has not understood his true nature. Worldly relationship comes and goes. But that which comes and grows is the principle of Love.

Guru Poornima Discourse 24-07-2002

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