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Touched by the humility and good manners of Hanuman, Vibhishana replied, "Sir, I am an unfortunate person, the brother of Ravana. My name is Vibhishana. I am in a pathetic fix, for I am unable to recite the Name of Hari, to my heart's content." Hearing this Hanuman felt he had his answer. He performed one high skip in joy and said, "I am a Messenger of Rama. I have come in search of Sita." In an instant, Vibhishana fell at the feet of Hanuman and asked, "Sir, where is my Rama now? I am yearning long to see Him, but I lack the virtues that alone can entitle me to that gift. My tribe is the demonic Rakshasa tribe. Can I have the chance to have His Darsan? I have not engaged myself in Sadhana; I have no freedom here to practice austerities and rites. I have earned no right to the good fortune. Will I be blessed by Rama?" Listening to his appeal, the heart of Hanuman melted in sympathy.

Hanuman consoled Vibhishana a great deal. He said, "Vibhishana! Rama heeds only the heart; family affiliations, religious affinities, or Sadhana attainments will not affect him. He is pleased best by feelings and their purity. He will bless you for the loftiness of your ideals and the cleanliness of your daily life. He will grant you the Darsan you are yearning for; do not grieve. Why, you can take me as the best proof for what I am saying about His compassion and grace. I am a monkey; waywardness is the hallmark of my tribe; the word 'monkey' has become a byword for a prankish, playful, petty mind. I am not versed at all in the Sastras. As for asceticism, I have no idea what it means. I have not repeated, according to prescribed rules, the Name of God, nor have I gone on pilgrimages seeking holy rivers! How then has Rama blessed me? Because He heeds only the Love that animates and the feelings that activate people. In your case also, He will pay attention only to the Purity of Feelings. Be confident; do not doubt."

Rama Katha Ras Vahini

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