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It is possible that you may be getting a doubt that while God is present everywhere and anywhere, why should one go to a specific place, or why should one go on pilgrimages and seek God only in those specified places. When you have been able to imbibe the essence that is contained in the words which describe Advaita and transform them into your experience, then you do not have to go to a specified place at all - you do not have to go anywhere at all. But so long as you are content only with using words and just talking about Advaita and you have no experience at all, it is necessary that you should go to certain places. You have to make pilgrimages. Yes, for whatever you call Saguna, for whatever you call Sakaara, you are seeking some form. There is a place and time for that. But once have got over this feeling if you are seeking the Nirguna, the one without attributes and the Niraakara, the one without form, then there are no limitations of space or time.

Let us take the case of a cow. Inside the cow right through, there is the blood, which is flowing in its body. It is this blood which gets converted into milk. We can infer that milk, in its essence is present all through the body of the cow. But if you get at the ear of the cow and twist it, are you going to get milk? Or if you get at the tail of the cow and twist it, are you going to get milk? If you want to get milk, you can do so but only from a specified place. So also while God is omnipresent and is everywhere, if you want to see Him, if you want to realize Him, then you have also to choose a place and a time.

The proper thing to do is at the beginning to accept a Saguna Brahman, that is a form with some attributes, and so on, and through practice and through Sadhana, gradually get over the situation and reach and attain the Advaitic experience. For the Saguna, that is one with attributes, and for Sakaara, that is one with a form, there is always a predetermined place. So at first, in that predetermined place and at that fixed time you will have to take to it and derive the pleasure and benefit.

Discourse, Summer Course in Spirituality and Indian Culture at Brindavan, Whitefield, Bangalore District in May 1972

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