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India is the repository of spiritual power; but now, scarcely any one practices the disciplined life, which is the mark of that power. Even now, millions go on pilgrimages; millions of copies of sacred texts and spiritual lore are bought and read; thousands of ascetics and Gurus are scattered over the land and they receive the homage of the people. But yet there is no peace in the heart, no food in the stomach, any clothes to keep the cold off the body. India which is Annapoorna-swaruupa (the granary of the earth), has now to go about with begging bowl for food for her children. This tragedy is caused by ill discipline, by want of self-control, by what can be called A-swaa-raajya (the absence of self-government, government of the self).

Sathyanaaraayana, when he acted the role of Sathyabhaama in the drama, remembered always that he was Sathyanaaraayana, though he was also aware that he had a part to play in the drama and he played it well. It would be a failure if he forgets either his Sathyanaaraayana-hood or his Sathyabhaama-hood. So, too, act in the world but remember your genuine Self. When humanity forgets that this is a play and starts assuming it real, the Lord comes down to remind them of it. Otherwise, when the execution scene is enacted, heads will fall; when Lanka is set on fire in the drama, the theatre itself will be consumed. Do not take the world more seriously than it deserves.

There is space for only just one throne in your heart. But, now you are inviting too many to sit on it or you try to put two thrones there, one for Raama, and one for Kaama; or, when you find it difficult, you are inviting Raama and Kaama to squeeze themselves into that one seat! Or, you install Kaama and want Raama to sit down below as his henchman! No wonder Raama deserts you. Make Raama the deity on the throne and utilize Kaama as His servant - there is no harm.

Discourse, Prashanthi Nilayam, December 1963

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