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Shiva - ParvathiSHIVA MANTRA


Siva is worshipped with the three-leafed bilva, for, He is immanent in the three worlds in the three phases of Time, in the three attributes of Nature. He removes the three types of grief; He has no basis outside Him; He is the source of Bliss. He is the embodiment of sweetness and efficacy of Nectar. "Since every being is Siva Swarupa (for without Siva, it is mere ‘Sava’ – Corpse) man has to live up to that Divine Status.

Maha Sivarathri. Is dedicated to the disintegration of aberrations of the Mind, and so, of the Mind itself, by dedicating oneself to Siva, God. The moon as well as the Mind whose Deity, It is, have each 16 phases. On the Sivarathri, fifteen of these have disappeared; and, there is just a streak of the Moon in the sky. The New moon that follows will have not even that streak visible.

The Mind too, must be mastered every day until, on the fifteenth day, fifteen phases have disintegrated and only a streak remains to be removed by a final flourish of effort. That is the Sadhana that you did throughout the night, Bhajan, vigil, fast. When the mind goes, there is no more Moha (deluding Desire and attachment) and the Ksahya (Decline) of Moha is Moksha (Liberation).

The Shiva's revelation of the five-fold duties and the Omkara mantra to Brahma and Vishnu the permanent cycle of the five-fold duties consists of creation, maintenance, annihilation, concealment, and blessing.

These activities are observed in the five elements by devotees- Sarga (creation) in the Earth, Sthiti (maintenance) in the waters, Samhara (annihilation) in the fire, Tirobhava (concealment) in the wind and Anugraha (liberation, the blessed state) in the fulfillment.

Hence, whenever, you start reciting the mantra Omkara to acquire the knowledge of the Lord Shiva. This will stop your false pride as well.


AUM NAMAH SHIVAAYA. In the Shiv Purana, Lord Shiva explains the five – syllable Mantra Aum Namah Sivaya affords protection from the fear of disillusions, defiled by unimaginable and inexpressible faults, mental verbal and physical. Even fallen men may become liberated through this Mantra, when he has faith in Lord Shiva.

As long as one lives he shall repeat the Mantra 108 times every day with full faith and devotedly. One attains the greatest goal in life. Mental Japas is excellent, reciting in low voice is half-fruitful. The verbal Japa gives the least of all.

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