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[1] If married women observe this Vrat, they achieve the award. If there is no married woman in the family, any woman or unmarried girl can observe this Vrat.

[2] If a man observes this Vrat instead of a woman, he also achieves the award in the same way.

[3] One should observe this Vrat with full faith and pious conception, not by dislike or without intense desire.

[4] Vrat should be observed according to the rites prescribed by Shashtras for eleven or twenty-one Friday as per one’s oath. It should be celebrated according to Shashtras performing proper ceremonies after the observance of Vrat on Friday as decided at the time of the oath. This ceremony is very simple to be preformed. If the Vrat is not observed according to proper ceremony described by the Shastras, one does not achieve its award or fruit.

[5] After having once observed the Vrat, it can be observed again taking the oath devotedly.

[6] Goddess Laxmiji has innumerable incarnations. Among all, ‘Shri Yantra’ Amulet of Goddess Laxmi is very beloved to her. Her incarnation of Dhan Laxmi itself is Vaibhava Laxmi. One should bow down one’s head to each and every incarnation of Goddess Laxmi given above. And also, while observing the Vrat one should pay homage to Shri Yantra. Then only it is fulfilled. If one doesn’t want to take the least trouble to observe Vrat, Goddess Laxmi also doesn’t take any trouble for her or him and she doesn’t show any mercy to such person.

[7] On the day of observance of the Vrat, from morning one should utter ‘Jai Goddess Laxmi’ or ‘Jai Ma Laxmi’ at heart as many times as possible.

[8] If one has to go on tour or outside the residence on Friday, one should observe the Vrat the next Friday at one’s residence only. One should observe the Vrat for as many Friday as decided by oneself at the time of oath.

[9] The silver ornament should be utilized if one has no golden ornament for observing the Vrat. One should place a rupee coin if one has no silver ornament.

[10] At the time of the celebration of the Vrat one should give the book ‘Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat’ to seven, eleven, twenty-one, fifty one or hundred and one women according to one’s own desire. (Goddess Laxmi would bless you more if you give more books as gifts to more women, and the Vrat of Goddess Laxmiji would spread more and more.

[11] If the woman is in menses or having ceremonial defilement and consequent untouchability owing to death in the family on the Friday, one should observe the Vrat the following Friday. And at the end, one should observe the Vrat for as many Friday as decided at the time of oath.

[12] In the beginning of observing the Vrat, one should recite once the hymn or praise the Goddess Laxmi.

[13] One should be on fast on the day of observing the Vrat on Friday, and should eat the sweet dish offered to Goddess Laxmiji. One may eat fruits or take meals once a day. The weak persons may observe the Vrat having food twice a day. The important thing is that one should have full faith and devotion in Laxmiji that Goddess would certainly fulfill the desire. Most important point to note is one doing the Vaibhav Lakshmi vrat should do it with full faith, and emotion. Confidently pray taking an oath that Mother will fulfill my desire.


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