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Preface Tulsi-The Elixer of Life Wheat grass juice Therapy
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This booklet is designed to help you. Much of the material is drawn from articles which I have compiled to bring to you comprehensive information which is easily available at the flick of a page.

To look after your body with the right foods and to have a little knowledge on different aspects of life on the whole helps you to conducive physical being leading a fruitful life. A healthy body houses a healthy mind, so this booklet tries to help you achieve this.

When a Doctor is not at hand or the ailment is as minor as a cold a woman has to step in with her home remedies. Therefore I have attempted to cover quite a few, simple, easy to follow household remedies for aches and pains.

I have also given you a section on juice therapy and easy common sense treatment for some ailments. These therapies are harmless and have no side effects, but a doctorís advice must be seeked so please donít accept the home remedies for a doctorís substitute.

To make a house a home I have given you a short note on Vastu Shastra-the science of placement. This science brings peace and harmony to the home and its inmates. This in turn helps you make right decisions in life.

Many times we hunt for a maharaj or pandit to inform us about the auspicious time to start a new venture. To give you a quick reckoner the auspicious timings have been tabulated.

My main aim has been to interest my readers in achieving good health though nature. Book advice is only a guide.

You should remember you know a lot about yourself therefore you should adapt accordingly and monitor yourself.

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