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For indigestion take a drink made a spoonful in ginger juice, a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with a bottle of soda. Salt or sugar can also be added.

Put 2 or 3 tender leaves of "Tulsi" in a glass of water overnight and drink this water early in the morning. This will clean your bowels and purify and blood.


Eat a little "ajwain" a glass of buttermilk and water with a little jeera (cumminseed), curry leaf and bruised dry or fresh ginger. This will make a refreshing drink at night.

By using a small piece of ginger in your daily food in any form you can be free from indigestion and other stomach troubles. Ginger is like a digestive tonic.


Squeezing the juice of a large lemon into a glass of iced water with sugar added to taste is very efficacious on an up set liver.


Mix a little honey with a little juice extracted out of bitter gourd (Karela) drink it for some days.

Drinking pineapple juice is good for the alleviation of liver complaints.


For treatment of Jaundice: Take 10 gms of turmeric powder and mix it with 75 gms of curds and eat it daily before sunrise for a few days.

Get fresh buttermilk mixed with a little sugar candy and drink 8 table spoonful of this liquid once in 2 hours (5 to 6 times a day) for about a week.


An instant relief for stomach ache is as follows: Mix up the juices of a few mint leaves, a small piece of ginger and lime with a little black salt, and take it on an empty stomach.

When one suffers from gas in the stomach put a drop of castor oil on to the navel, and the press a good pinch of snuff or asafoetida (Hing).

One cup of fresh juice of karela (bitter gourd) mixed with a little honey and taken once daily for 21/2 to 3 months will cure stomach ulcers and prevent worms in the intestines.


A teaspoon of ground methi seeds mixed with buttermilk is an effective drink for diarrhoea and dysentery.

  1. Mix a little salt with limejuice; drink it without diluting with water.
  2. Mix a pinch of salt with a tablespoon of ginger juice and drink it.


Vomiting can be stopped by drinking juices of tulsi leaves mixed with a little cardamom powder.

  1. Soak coriander in water for some time and let the patient sip this water a little at a time.
  2. Grind a little black gram (urad dal) with a little sugar and let the patient sip it a little at a time.
  3. Grind few cardamom seeds in water and let the patient sip or drink it, a little at a time.

A little quantity of cumminseed (jeera) when chewed stops vomitting immediately.


Grind to fine paste some curry leaf twigs and mix this paste in half a glass of lassi (buttermilk) and drink it 3 to 4 times a day. This cures dysentery and diarrhoea.


Pineapple is good for those who catch cold easily. Limejuice in hot water with honey to taste is one of the best things for cold. To prevent a cold, apply mustard oil on the bridge of the nose. Raw onions eaten twice or thrice a day will help to clear stuffed nostrils


Simple home remedy for night coughs is honey in a hot drink before bedtime. Use of few tulsi leaves or ajwain (voma) leaves with boiling water while preparing tea. This is a remedial measure for cough.

A mixture of lemon juice, honey and glycerine is an effective remedy for cough.

Turmeric powder boiled in milk and taken internally relives coughs and colds.

The use of ginger twice or thrice a day is a sure instant remedy for cough.

For phlegm congestion, mix together one glassful of decoction made out of the leaves of fenugreek (methi) and one tea spoonful of juice of ginger along with a little honey and drink it 2-3 times day. For phlegm congestion in the respiratory tract and for coughs, mix together five leaves of tulsi, one betel leaf, one clove, and a little alum and eat them together 2-3 times a day. Or, place a couple of peppercorns inside the mouth and keep on biting and chewing.


Eucalyptus oil slightly heated is an excellent remedy for sore throats. Tender leaves of the mango tree help to cure throat ailments and also make the voice sweet. They should be eaten raw daily.

For sore throat, gargle with a strong solution of salt water or lime juice water or solution of soda bi-carb.

If you are ailing from throat pain or sore throat, mix together little lime juice and honey in hot water and sip it little by little.


To get rid of hiccups before calling a doctor if necessary, the following simple manoeuvres may be tried:

  1. Hold your breath as long as you can.
  2. Slowly sip one or more glasses of water.
  3. Gargle with plain water, hot or cold, for at least a minute.
  4. Sneeze once or twice.


For Malaria Fever

  1. Get some slices raw papaya mix them in salt for some and daily eat one slice.
  2. Boil orange peels in water until it is reduced to one-fourth its quantity and drink this hot kasaya.

For influenza Fever: Take dry ginger and coriander seeds in the ratio 1:2 boil them together in water to reduce to ¼ its quantity and hot drink.


Eating raw leaves of tulsi will cure wounds inside mouth on the tongue and on the lips.

In the case of wounds inside the mouth and tongue, Mix coriander powder with a little honey and chew it little by little.

Foul smell coming out of the mouth can be stopped by gargling with the decoction (Kasaya) prepared out of Tulsi leaves.


For half headache. Grind together one onion and 3-4 cloves of pepper in a little water, strain and put a few drops in the nostril opposite to the side of headache.

All kinds of headaches can be cured by mixing a little jaggery in water and mixing a little ginger to it drawing this mixture into the nostrils.

In case of head ache the paste of dry ginger; if applied on the forehead provides quick relief.



Here are a few hints to keep your eyes free of troubles:

  1. Wash your eyes daily with cold water before going bed.
  2. Never look directly at the sun with naked eyes.
  3. Do not apply to the eyes any medicines suggested by quacks or other unqualified people.
  4. Avoid applying mascara to the eyes.
  5. When you read, let the light fall on the book or paper from your left side.
  6. Never read in dim or insufficient light.
  7. Let the book or paper you read be about 40 centimeters from your eyes.
  8. Do not read while travelling in motor vehicles or trains.
  9. Frequently close and open your eyes while reading.
  10. Do not wear spectacles which are cracked or with any scratched lines, or blots or dirt, or spots.
  11. Using hair dye will adversely affect the eyes.


Ear ache is miraculously relived by putting in a few drops of gingely (til) oil warmed together with a couple of cloves or garlic. The oil should not be too hot.

In case of pain in the ear put 3-4 drops of the juice extracted out of tulsi leaves.

In the case of ear pain, noise inside the ears, or pus inside ears slightly heat a little onion juice and put a few drops into the ears 2-3 times a day.


An extraordinary but effective remedy for nosebleeds

Paper half the size of a postage stamp is placed under the sufferer’s tongue. The nose bleeding will stop miraculously.

To get cured of nose bleeding mix ½ gram of alum with a little sugar candy and eat it 2-4 times a day. This will help also to stop bleeding through the mouth, urine or stools.

To get rid of any foul or offensive smell emanating out of the nose, finally powder a few dry TULSI leaves and snuff in this powder through the nostrils.


As a remedy against gum bleeding and against toothaches, mix a little powdered alum with a little honey to from a thick paste and rub the teeth and gums with this mixture.

Pyorrhea (inflammation of the gums of teeth) can be cured by daily eating oranges and rubbing the gums of teeth with their skins.

Raw onions eaten daily are good for maintaining strong and healthy teeth.

For toothache: Grind tulsi leaves along with a little pepper and place this paste between the affected tooth and cavity.


Bathe tired feet in a basin of hot water with two large handful of salt or 2 tbsp. of vinegar dissolved in it. Flat footed folk, exercise your soles daily. Walk on tiptoes.

Rub glycerin on tired feet at bedtime and by next morning you will find them fresh and supple.


Avoid use of drugs for sleeplessness. Try a tumbler of hot milk at bedtime after a warm bath.

If you do not fall asleep after going to bed try the following method; Lie on your back and do deep breathing for about 15 times and then lie on the side. You will easily go to sleep.


A reduced salt, or salt free diet is prescribed with good effect when there are warning symptoms of high blood pressure; it is better that salt is completely avoided in the food.

High blood pressure can be cured by the daily in take of pepper powder mixed with butter, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for 48 days.


Barley water is useful in dysentery, typhoid fever, diarrhoea, urinary diseases and diseases of kidneys. It is soothing and cooling. It removes burning sensation in the urine and helps the free flow of urine.

Eating cucumber will ward off urine troubles.

A pinch of cinnamon powder mixed with a little honey and taken every night is good for curing nervous tension, brain fatigue and poor memory.

Memory power can be improved if you make a habit of daily drinking 2 tumblerfull of water before going to bed.

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