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Introduction Somvar ki Kahani Mangalvar ki Kahani
Budhvar ki Kahani Vrihaspativar ki Kahani Shukravar ki Kahani
Shanivar ki Kahani Ravivar ki Kahani


Swamiji in Shiv FormThe Indian culture has been preserved and handed over to progenies through oral preaching. The main aim and objective of this practice was to inculcate in people eternal values like chastity, truthfulness, donation to the needy, helping and serving the elders, good family relations, respect for women, kindness towards all creatures - big or small, preserving nature and natural objects, accepting the nature's gifts as boons, fair dealing with all, devotion or bhakti, shedding hatred, pride-jealousy, anger etc. This was attained through observing fasts and leading a disciplined life and controlling diet and food habits.

The Week Days' stories have special significance in as much as they propose a weekly engagement for the common folk and especially for the women folk. Each day of the week brings a special message. These stories have given solace to millions of people from time immemorial. It would be worthwhile to explain as to how a particular day of the week was allotted to particular star or planet. According to Indian astronomers, the position of the planets, in order of their placement in the sky, is Shani, Vrihaspati, Mangal, Ravi, Shukra, Budha and Chandrama. They rotate in their own orbits or paths.

The weekly fast is as follows:

MONDAY dedicated to SHIVA
TUESDAY dedicated to GANPATI
FRIDAY dedicated to LAKSHMI
SUNDAY dedicated to SURYA

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