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Legend Swamiji's Discourse

Date: February

Legend: Devotees have gathered here from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Today the Chinese devotees are observing their National New Year Day here. What is the origin of the word "China"? It is derived from the two words "Chung" and "kuo". "Chung" means the human heart. "Kuo" refers to the country (desam). The word "China" therefore means that "My heart is my country".

Buddha undertook various inquiries to discover the Divine and came to the conclusion that it is only through mastery over his senses he can achieve this. Man has to make the right use of his senses for sacred purposes to realize his divinity

Foster love. Adhere to Truth. Follow Righteousness. Achieve Peace. This is the special benediction of Swami on this day on all. Wherever you may go, speak softly and sweetly Thereby you will earn the esteem of society. This is the most valuable reward you have to secure this New Year.

Today you celebrate the New Lunar Year. The year is described as Samvatsara in Sanskrit. This term is also one of the names of God. Hence the advent of the New Year should be hailed as the advent of the Divine. Without recognizing this divine significance of the New Year there is no purpose in celebrating it with lavish decorations and sumptuous feasts. It is not the feast that is important. It is the ideal that is to be pursued which is important. Today what is important is the quest for peace within, which can be got only by internal purity.

This year (1998) is dedicated to Peace.

How is this Peace to be achieved? The first requisite is purification of one's vision. The second requisite is the cultivation of sacred feelings within, which will be conducive to purity in speech. Harmony will promote a climate of peace. The well being of society is bound up with the transformation of the individuals composing it. Righteous individuals alone can build a righteous community. A pure mind is essential for pure thoughts, pure vision and pure speech.

Human actions have been divided into five categories of which those prompted by the heart are the highest and others done with egoistic motives are inferior. Whatever is done should be done wholeheartedly so that it gets sanctified.

You have presented many things as ‘gifts’ to Bhagawan. This ‘Tiger Map’ is one of them. That is not the gift I want. Hand over to me your ‘tigerly’ qualities. That is the gift I would like. The tiger is a cruel animal. Rid yourself of all cruel feelings and offer them to me. Lead the life of a useful, harmless, sacred cow. It gives nourishing milk in return for cheap grass.

Discourse, Chinese New Year, 1998

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