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Legend Swamiji's Discourse

Date: October

This event is conducted by SRI SAI PADHUGA TRUST, MADURAI, whose President is Shri. Srinivasan Chettiar. This event was started in 1993 and from then on this event has been celebrated every year in Prashanthi Nilayam where the number of members have increased. The members along with their Paadukas assemble together and in the auspicious Presence of Bhagawan Baba perform the Paaduka Puja. There are many devotees from abroad who participate in this event.

What is the significance of the Padukas? Head is the most important part of the body. That is why it is crowned. Such a precious head cannot go anywhere without the help of the feet. The feet bear the weight of the head.

On the next day after the puja the members carry the Paadukas and come in a procession to Kulwantrai Hall. Baba Blesses every memberís paadukas with grains of rice. This event is a spectacular event and the Golden Chariot was presented on this event and all were blessed to see the Divine Darshan of the Lord. The Paadukas are taken back by the members and revered everyday in their homes.

Over many years Subramaniam Chettiar has been engaged in promoting "Paaduka Seva". It is not easy for one at his advanced age to carry a burden of this magnitude. I am aware of the good service he has done so far. Hereafter he should take rest and devote himself to his personal sadhana.

Why should I be burdened with this immense burden of a Golden Chariot? I do not at anytime desire such things. Instead of this, you may spend any amount of money on social service activities.

Here or anywhere else, what you have to offer to Bhagawan is pure love. Do not make such offerings as a Golden Chariot anywhere. Anyone who desires such offerings cannot be Divine. When the Divine is immanent in everything, what is it that you can offer to the Divine? How are you eligible to make any offering at all? Everything belongs to God. Henceforth devotees should not bring here any gold ornaments or ornamental chariots or golden chariots. It is better to sell such objects and use the money for providing drinking water to the people.

He brought the Chariot here out of his immense love. He had one overwhelming desire in his life. He was keen to celebrate this "Rathothsavam" (festival of Golden Chariot) in his life time. He did not worry about what happens to him thereafter. It was to please him that I mounted this Chariot. Otherwise I would not have gone near it at all.

Discourse, 22-9-97

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