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BABA explains Bhakthi as the following:

  • "Be attached under all conditions to the source, substance and sum of all Power, the Lord… and then you can draw from that source all the Power that you need. This attachment is called Bhakthi. Bhakthi will foster Prema, because it is born of Prema itself. Bhakthi makes the lowest the rarest of men."
  • "God is won, neither by Nada (Melody) nor by Veda (knowledge), but by Bhakthi (Devotion, Dedication)."
  • "God is more than a billion Suns, but, if you are far away from Him, you cannot have either the Warmth or the Light. Ofcourse, with God it is not special distance that counts, one has to endear himself to God. That is the process of Bhakthi."
  • "Bhakthi leads man on to the wisdom arising from the realization of the Unity called God. Devotion grows into wisdom. Bhakthi grows into Jnana, just as childhood grows into old age and gets fruition there."
  • "Bhakthi reveals to you that God is in every one; so, the Love that surges in your heart towards God must flow towards all, for, all are embodiments of the self-same Divine."
  • "Bhakthi"is Two kinds.

Those who follow the nine fold paths are two kinds. The followers of

  1. the Hard Path referred to as Bhakthi or the Practice of Markatakisora or the young of the monkey,
  2. the Safe and easy Path referred to as Prapatthi or the practice of Marjalakisora or the young of the cat.

"Markatakishora Marga".

In the Markatakisora Marga, the child has to rely on its own strength to protect itself, wherever the Mother might jump about, it has to attach itself fast to the mother’s body and should not release its hold, even if pulled apart. So the Bhaktha too has to stand the test at the hand of the Lord. And hold on to the Lord’s name at all times and under all conditions, tirelessly without the slightest trace of dislike or disgust, bearing the ridicule and the criticism of the world and conquering the feeling of shame and defeat. The example of this type of Bhakthi is that first among devotees, Prahlada.

"Marjalakisora Marga".

The Prapatthi Marga is like the way of the kitten, the marjalakisora ‘Sarvabhara Samarpitha’ attitude. As the kitten simply continues mewing in one place, placing all its burdens on the mother cat the devotee puts complete trust on the Lord, and places the burden on the Lord and surrenders fully to His will. Lakshmana is the witness of this path.

  • You must yourself be engaged in Sravanam, Mananam and Bhajanam, the Yamuna, Saraswathi and Ganga of the Three-fold River of Life. Sravanam is the Bhakthiyoga, Mananam is the Jnanayoga and Bhajanam is the Karmayoga. All the Yogas lead to one Goal: the surrender of the Self in the All-Self, the Paramatma, the Parabrahmam, the merging of the river in the sea, Saranagathi. Give me the reins; trust in Me and be directed by Me. I shall take full responsibility. Only you must accept without demur whatever comes as Prasadam or Grace! Grief is the feet and joy the head; both are part of the same entity. You cannot welcome joy and reject grief at the same time. You cannot have the observe without the reverse; you must take and accept the other side of the sheet of paper, along with this side. It is inevitable.

You must hold fast and not give up.

Be like the infant monkey that clings to the mother and so is guarded and guided by her superior strength and wisdom.

Polish your mind and the Lord, the sublime grandeur will be reflected in your heart.

  • It is not mere Bhakthi that I want. I want action motivated by Bhakthi. Throw off your present responsibilities and take up this new responsibility of saving yourself; then you will see the wonder; even the responsibilities will be discharged smoothly and to your satisfaction.
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