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All People have some Faith The Origin of Belief
The necessity of Faith Guard the Tender Shoots
The road to Victory Confirmation of Progress Realization of the Goal

Nothing is accomplished without faith. We must have faith in ourselves or in others to complete any task. We must have faith in the laws of nature. We must have faith that will live to see the results of right effort. So also we must have faith in God if we are to make spiritual progress. Faith is the first step that makes each following step possible.

Faith is the basis of every act. You do not run away from the barber because he is armed with a sharp razor. You place faith in him and allow him to cut your hair, quietly submitting to his idiosyncrasies. You give away costly clothes to the washer since you have faith that he will return them washed and ironed… So, too, believe in the inner motivator, the atman within, the voice of God.

Sathya Sai Speaks 10

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