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Sri Sathya Sai BabaThe goal of all-religious founders and propagators was the same. They wanted to do good, be good and see good and educate the people to be useful members of the society. For this, the mind should be cleaned, controlled and channeled in the proper direction.


  1. We must put into practice the religious teachings of the great saints.
  2. We must love our family members and home should become the center of harmonious living.
  3. It is important to have belief in Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of Man.
  4. Ego, Greed and Envy should be removed from the hearts.
  5. We must have steadfast faith in the power of God and always be patient.

We must put into practice the teachings of our own religion and cultivate faith in the Almighty God and give regard and respect to every religion.

This is Sai Religion, which embraces and accepts all religions and emphasizes its common greatness. Take up this religion boldly and joyfully.

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