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Religion is Three-Fourths Character What is Morality?
How can we become Virtuous? Love: The Basis of Morality

Morality is the foundation for spiritual progress. It is the prerequisite for the journey, the first step. If we do not live a moral life, our pursuit of advanced practices is meaningless. Yet today many people desire quick character changes and miraculous results before developing even basic virtues. Righteousness and character are the essential qualifications for the journey.

Religion is three-fourths character. No person can claim to be religious if he merely observes the sacraments and rules, and fails to be upright and compassionate.

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Virtuous character is the driving force of every dedicated aspirant. However knowledgeable, devoted, or active we may be, if we lack virtue we are destined to fail. Moral strength reflects our practice of universal values and endows us with a willingness to act on what we have learned. It demonstrates a personality that integrates the various facets of our discipline. Only a strongly integrated personality is capable of great achievement.

It is often declared that knowledge is power. No. No. Character is power. Nothing can be more powerful on Earth than character. Riches, scholarship, status, authority are all frail and flimsy before it.

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Today many teachers present courses for "quick" spiritual development that does not address this essential first step. They prescribe breathing exercise, postures, or special meditations for new students without imposing any preliminary qualifications of virtuous character. But advanced practices cannot yield realization of our divine nature without adherence to basic standards of right conduct.

You may do the most rigorous japa (repetition of the name of the Lord) or submit yourself to the direst of austerities, but if you are not virtuous, all of it is sheer waste

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It is impossible for aspirants to seek their advanced degrees without first learning the alphabet of virtue. Higher degrees may be obtained only after first learning the basics. Living a moral life is the essential first step in reducing egoism. If we do not conquer selfish desires, there is no hope for us to expand beyond the small perimeter of ourselves. The modern cults of body and personality cater to the lower self. This trend needs to be reversed. Consideration of and service to others is required on the spiritual path.

Morality, a virtuous character: these are the very foundations of progress, the very basic needs. They grow in the realm of the spirit. But, today, the spirit is neglected. Physical and animal needs are catered to. They are accepted as the ends of living; all efforts are directed to these.

Sathya Sai Speaks 7

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