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Realization Non-Violence Control of Senses Compassion
Forbearance Peace Sacrifice Meditation Truth

Self-realization is the ultimate stage of self-confidence. It is the conclusion of self-development. When we attain that blissful state, we will know that all beauty, all joy, and all peace lie within us. The answers to all questions are within. For we are ourselves the answer. In the light of our expanded awareness, we will see that we are indeed God.

To achieve the blissful state of divine vision we must cultivate true self-satisfaction. Satisfaction is contentment. It eliminates desire and allows us to see the unity of creation. When we grasp the vision of unity, we are able to sacrifice the small ego-self that limits our loyalty and sympathy. Then we can assume our true identity as God ---the life force behind all we see.

You should develop self-confidence, and with that you will get self-satisfaction. Once you acquire self-satisfaction, you will be able to show self-sacrifice, and this will result in self-realization. Self-realization thus ultimately depends on the base of self-confidence.

Summer Showers 1973

The flower that God loves which leads us to the realization of Bliss. The flower has 8 petals:

  1. Ahimsa – Non-violence –not to cause harm to any living being through thought, words and deed.
  2. Control of senses
  3. Compassion to all living beings
  4. Kshama – forbearance
  5. Shanthi – peace
  6. Tapas – sacrifice – the coordination of thought, word and deed is tapas.
  7. Dhyana – meditation
  8. Sathya – truth.
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