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Major Religions of the World

The word Religion is derived from the word ‘Re-ligare’ which means being bound to one’s source’, which is God. Just as a child after playing wishes to go back to his mother for security and protection, so also man feels a strong inner desire and longing for God, his mercy, protection and love.

Religion means having faith in a divine saving power; divine law and regulating one’s behavior and conduction a moral basis by being good, doing good and seeing good. Religion helps us to keep harmony in the universe. All religions are a link or bridge between Man and the Creator. All religions try to describe God in their own way. But the same God is the goal of all religions.


Baba says "Mata (Religion) is to be engaged to straighten and strengthen the Mati (mind). Goal of all religions is to help an individual to control his mind and liberate him. If it help individuals control their minds and think in the proper direction there will be peace in the society.

One should not criticize any religion. We must remember that there is only one religion - Religion of Love. There is only one Caste - The Caste of humanity.

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