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The Five Human Values

The Human Values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love, and Non-violence are the five pillars supporting the Sathya Sai Human Values Program. They are the essential ingredients for good character; the catalysts for sweetening the school curriculum into something which can benefit society instead of harming it; the pivotal foci for direct teaching of real humanness to children. They are the qualities, which already lie within us, in the same way that the ideal form already lies within the rough block of stone awaiting the chiseling of the sculptor.

As we stand now in our ignorance, fear and agitation, we can imagine ourselves as that rough block of stone. We are sculptors of our own character, chipping away at those thoughts, words and actions which are not related to the five universal Human Values.

These Human Values can be identified as the pivot of moral evolution, being universally accepted in their nature and manifestation. Recognized at the highest level in all societies and religions throughout recorded history, the five Human Values are the Golden Threads of the one Golden Cord which runs through the center of what is good, best and most wise in all such groups of humanity.

The five Human Values can be linked to the five fingers, each one playing a valuable role in the unified action of the hand. Baba says:

Just as the five fingers are together they lead to strength, in the same way when the five Human Values are joined together there is true Dharma. It results in co-operation, not operation. It results in unity, which is true human life and the real goal. It ensures Divinity.

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