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Our Cue to Move On The Causes of Suffering Tests of Character
An Opportunity for Growths Nearness to God

Pain is a sign that something is wrong. When we feel bodily pain, we know that we have been injured or we are sick. It is a warning to us to examine the cause and repair the damage. Mental or emotional suffering is also an indication of need. It prompts us to change our attitudes and ideas. Joy is our natural state. No one is surprised when a baby is happy, but when the baby cries we rush to find and eliminate the cause.

Suffering is a reminder to us to press on until we reach the goal of self-realization. When we fall short of our spiritual aims, suffering reminds us that we have not yet discovered our true nature of joy and wisdom. Suffering is a spur, which starts us on the spiritual path and keeps us active in spiritual practice. It teaches us the lessons of loving wisdom and compassionate understanding. It impresses on us the need for strength and fortitude. Suffering is pain with a purpose; it alerts us to seek God-realization before our time expires.

It is grace: those who suffer have my grace. Only through suffering will they be persuaded to turn inward and make the inquiry. And without turning inward and making inquiry, they can never escape misery.


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