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            The Rudra Yagnam is going to be a most wonderful Event, An event not to be missed. What Makes this Most Wonderful Rudra Yagnam performed in Prasanthi Nilayam with Bhagawan as its “Karta” so wonderful and Special. Rudra Literally means that "Fire comes from the Bowels of the earth spreading God's Grace all over the world".

1. This Great Maha Rudra Yagnam brings together the Most Scholarly Vedic pundits ever Assembled anywhere in the world, Never have so many Vedic Scholars are going to assemble in a single place, It is believed that Not since Maharaja Parikshit got a Big Congregation of Vedic Pundits to recite the Bhagavatham to him in the Mahabharata, have so many Vedic Scholars Congregate in one place.

2. Major Portions of All the Four Vedas have to be recited everyday during all the 12 days of the Maha yagna , this is not done in any other of the Yagnas,

3. This is the Only Maha Yagnam among all the other Great Yagnas that is done for the Good of Humanity as a whole, all the other Yagnas are done for a Specific Reason.

4. This Wonderful Maha Yagna was done only ever before By Lord Shiva after slaying Bhasmasura.

5. This is the Only Yagna which MUST HAVE a Divine Personality as Its KARTA or the Head of the Yagna, This Yagna cannot be done without Divinity as its KARTA, and this is a must for this Yagna that is why perhaps this Maha Yagna has not been done before.

6. This is the only Maha Yagna which is done for 12 days as all the other yagnas are done for a maximum of 10 days or less. This makes the Rudra Yagna "The Single most Wonderful and Divine Yagna of all times".

We are going to Witness the Greatest ever Yagna to be performed in the History of Mankind by Our Lord Sai Shiva.

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