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    Importance of Athi Rudra Maha Yagnya 09.08.06 to 20.08.06 at Puttaparthi

Shri Rudram in Yajur Veda is the one with full of Lord's Sarvantharyamithwam. Brief snapshot of Rudram and Chamakam is given here for all of us to understand the greatness of this.

Actually Rudram starts with Nyasam, meaning the one who chants would visualize himself with each of his parts of the body to a deity.. (for e.g. in laghunyasam it starts with 'Paadhayoar Vishnushthishtathu" meaning visualizing Vishnu in our part Toes.)

Then we surrender our Body, Mind and Spirit (atma) to him and become one with him (for e.g. it starts with "Agnirmae Vachissruthaha .. Vaaghrudhayae.. in fact this whole paragraph will be repeated with "Hrdhayam" (heart), this will quieten our heart )

It is then the sankalpa and the effect of Rudra Parayanam will be distributed to the whole world (Shri Samba Sadhashiva Prasada Sidhyarthae Japae Viniyogaha)

Now the person chanting Rudra himself will become the Lord and chants the dhyanam.

And now the chanting of rudram starts….

Very important to note here is that Rudram is the only Manthra which starts with a prostration to Lord Parameshwara (Om Namo Bhagavathae Rudraaya). In Vedas none of the mantras start with prostrations in the beginning.. This makes Rudram THE SUPREME MANTHRA. (here the point to be understood is the greatness of Rudram).

In the 1st paragraph the Lord is cooled down with our praise. The second paragraph to ninth, we do namaskar to the Lord in all directions, and these paragraphs explain the Sarvaantharyaamith- wam ( i.e. not only the things which have life but also non-living things also are described as Parameshwara, and namaskar is being offered).

And now we ask for boons like Oh lord please take care of us… To cite an e.g. there is a verse:

Maano Mahanthamuthamaano Arbhagam Maana Ukshantha Muthamaana Ukshitham Maanovathi Pitharam Motha Matharam Priyaa Maanasthanuvo Rudra Reerishaha.

Which means O Lord? Please save all of us from all calamities including our parents, elders and even the fetus (if anybody is pregnant, the word Arbhagam – means fetus)….

Such a wonderful and powerful manthram is our Rudram.

And finally we pray God:

Thriyambakam Yajamahe Suganthim Pushtivardhanam

Urvaaru kamiva Bandhanan Mruthyor Muksheeya Maamruthath

This is nothing but Mruthyunjaya Manthra. The meaning here is very interesting. Cucumber is the only fruit that automatically comes out and not being plucked whereas all the other fruits are plucked. Like cucumber, which comes out automatically, without being plucked, O Lord please save us from apamruthyu? (i.e. pray for longevity of life and for leaving the earth after living a good life and without any fear, with awareness they die).

This powerful Rudram is the one chanted in all the temples for Abhishekam.. If u are not able to chant, if you just listen also, you reap the benefits.

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