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    Is he the one who teaches a manthra or Vedanta? Is he the one who explores properties of matter for us? Swami says, “The true meaning of Guru is ‘one who dispels darkness of ignorance’. ‘Gu’ means ‘darkness of ignorance’ and ‘Ru’ means ‘one who removes’.”

Picture created by Baba for Late Sri G V Subba Rao to show His "True Form".
And towards achieving this end, the Sadguru employs methods and strategies which are as unique as each man on the face of earth. For Sri Seshagiri Rao, who came to Swami very reluctantly (almost out of compulsion and with no other option but to escort his daughters to Puttaparthi), at a time when Swami was just a teenager, it was just one Darshan of Swami where he saw not a sixteen year-old-boy proclaiming his divinity, but the very same Lord Shiva (complete with moon and third eye) that he had been worshipping for fifty years with great devotion! Sri Seshagiri Rao never left Puttaparthi from that day till his very end.For Renate Kuchardt who began her search for truth in 1969, two decades later, it was no special vision. Just the usual Darshan with an out-of-the-ordinary twist that cleared the darkness of her soul forever. “In August 1988, I made my first trip to India to see Sri Sathya Sai Baba,” she says, “I was not a devotee yet, but I was very eager to see Him after watching Him 18 year’s earlier on German television. However, before I arrived Baba had broken His hip and therefore He did not make any appearances. He only came out to give Darshan and a discourse for Krishna’s birthday. I was lucky to get a front-row seat for this celebration, which made it possible to see and experience Him very closely. For two hours I watched Him give a discourse standing – with a broken hip. This left me absolutely astonished. No words can describe what I felt for him. I knew then that He was to become my path. I left the ashram as a devotee and with the desire to see Him in His full glory.”

How many persons have found light, love, peace, fulfillment and joy just by His mere presence? It all happens so mysteriously, so silently in every individual’s heart and soul that has been touched by Him. How Fortunate We Are! “Another meaning for Guru,” Swami says, "is One who reveals the Guri (target) to the disciple. He does this by removing the darkness of ignorance. Guri here refers to the Atmic (divine) principle present in every human being. The real Guru who can reveal the Atmic principle is a Jnaanamurthy (embodiment of wisdom); He is the very embodiment of Divine principles; and He is one who takes upon Himself a form to teach the same to the disciple; He is God Himself.”

How profound it is and how fortunate we are! What we have is not a Sadguru who is Godlike but God who has come down to perform various roles for us, the foremost and the all important role of being the true guide, the perfect role model, a preceptor beyond imagination. The Revelation Of A Lifetime - Dr. Anil KumarIt was in the early eighties, 1981 or 82, during the summer months and Swami was in Puttaparthi. Unlike these days when during almost all summers Swami is in Bangalore or Kodai Kanal, those days Swami used to spend some summers in Puttaparthi itself. Barring a few, almost all the boys had gone home. These few boys, which included a dozen or two from the Bangalore campus of the Institute as well, had decided to spend their vacation with Swami in Puttaparthi. Recalling those days and the awesome and revelatory experience which he had which revolutionized his life, his thoughts and feelings for Swami forever, Dr. Anil Kumar, a student then and now a lecturer in Swami’s University, says, “How wonderful those days were! We were so few of us in the Mandir, just about thirty or forty of us and we had the whole Mandir portico for ourselves. We all sat totally dispersed, each a few feet away from the other, not to occupy the whole space but to have an individual space for ourselves so that when Swami came out we could have His personal attention. And He did come so many times amongst us and how precious those interactions were!
One day, Swami called a dozen of us who were all from the Bangalore campus of the Institute into the interview room. It was a very intimate session where Swami at length explained to us how we must sing with devotion during bhajans and more importantly, how we must visualize the deity and understand the meaning of the bhajans while singing and give ourselves completely to the bhajan. This advice from Swami touched me and with great earnest I had begun to practice this in every bhajan session. In those days, bhajan sessions in the morning used to be around 11am and Swami would often go out in His car for a ride in the morning to where, only He knows. One particular morning in the similar fashion He had gone out and the bhajans started. I was sitting in the Mandir and I enthusiastically joined the bhajans and as per His instruction started visualizing as I was singing. For me, Swami was Rama, Krishna , Devi, Guru, everything. So, let the bhajan adore any deity, I was constantly seeing Swami in my mind’s eye.
In fact, I was immersed entirely in that sublime feeling and as the bhajans proceeded I was in a different plane altogether imagining Swami, fresh and so beautiful, gently swaying from one side to the other in rhythm with the beat of my heart, His hands cupped behind, a soft heavenly smile on His lips, His face so radiant, so enchanting and enamoring…I was lost, completely. So oblivious I was to what was happening around me that I did not even realize that Swami, after returning from His ride, was standing right in front of me! I was sitting there absorbed in my divine reverie as it were, with Swami so beautiful and gently swinging from side to side in my mind and Swami was there physically right in front of me reflecting exactly what was going on in my mind for one whole minute. When I opened my eyes because of some hustle, I was obviously spellbound, speechless. But what was mind-blowing was what Swami said that momentous morning looking into my eyes with an all-knowing loving smile dancing on His lips. He said, “Inside Swami and outside Swami, one and the same.” My hair stood on ends! What a revelation! Who can give you such an experience other than Sai, the Sadguru, who is omniscient and omnipresent, beyond mind, logic, reason and the universe.” Sharing with Sai Love

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