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Sri Pedda Venkama Raju and Srimati EaswarammaBhagawan Baba was born in Puttaparthi, a remote village of Andhra Pradesh in India, in the Ratnakar family of Sri Kondama Raju, who was the grandfather of Bhagawan's physical body. The divine child Sathyanarayana Raju (called Sathya or Raju in childhood) was the fourth child of the devout couple, Sri Pedda Venkama Raju and Srimati Easwaramma.

On the twenty third day of November 1926, the son was born. It was the time of sunrise; and, the villagers were chanting the names of Siva, remembering that the day was still Karthika Somavara, a Monday of the Holy Month of Karthika, devoted to the Puja and worship of Siva. That day was made even more auspicious for Siva worship, because the ascendant star was Ardra and on such rare occasions when the month, the day and the star coincide, special Pujas are performed in the temples of the Lord. The year was Akshaya, the 'never-declining, the Ever-full'!

The mother had also just finished, in some hurry of course, her Sathyanarayana Puja in accordance with her vows, for, even while she was going through the final rituals, the pangs forewarned her. When Easwaramma announced the pangs, word was sent to the mother-in-law, Lakshamma, the pious old lady of the house; but, it became known that she had gone to the house of the priest to perform the Puja of Sathyanarayana; the messengers discovered her there and urged her to return; but she was so confident of the Grace of Sathyanarayana, so steadfast in her devotion, so disciplined in her religious adherence, that she refused to be hustled! She sent word that she will bring with her to Easwaramma the sacred offerings after the Puja and that, on no account would she interrupt her prayers! She finished the entire ritual with full concentration, came home, gave her daughter-in-law the flowers and the sacred water; Easwaramma partook of the blessings of the Lord. Next moment, the Lord was born. And , the Sun rose above the horizon!

The baby was charming beyond description, and, no wonder! For, it had even in the cradle all the Yogic Siddhis, which Pathanjali says come along with birth itself. Baba has declared that He knew even prior to His Birth where He would be born; He has said that He was born with all the miraculous powers, which He is later out of His own will, manifesting one by one, as and when He feels each could be so announced. It must therefore follow that the baby had a halo of splendor around its head, that its smile had an otherworldly beauty and a heavenly power to captivate the heart.

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