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"When goodness is overwhelmed and evil triumphs, I make yourself a body to deliver the holy and destroy evil", said Lord Krishna.

Swami announced that He, the Undiminishable, the Limitless incarnated at Puttaparthi, in order to
(1) lay down the guidelines for righteous living in the world as it has shaped itself
(2) allay the conflicts and hatreds that rend people as under,
(3) console, comfort and protect the good and godly who are oppressed by the wicked and the wily,
(4) reveal the true message of the scriptures which has been obscured by commentators and propagators,
(5) relieve the earth of the burden of vice and
(6) redeem the pledge conveyed in past ages that I shall appear as the Saviour. Swami has also proclaimed that He has resolved to assume the role of a Teacher of Truth (Sathya Bodhaka) and that Love is the lesson, which teaches Truth. He holds He is Love, He can be won through Love, and he accepts Love and rewards Love.

Swami is the embodiment of the consciousness that energies the infinite Cosmos the One, which science is seeking with intermittent success and which religion seeks and sees as energizing the infinitesimal too. Swami leads us to the awareness of the One, in all ideas, ideals, objects, objectives, waves and particles. He has come to teach the Truth of Unity, of that Truth alone can free us from fear and the death it breeds. Swami teaches us to picture every sentient and non-sentient thing as trekking "back home", back to the source back to the Cosmic Will that willed them all. He has come to enthuse the homesick, to strengthen their limbs, to reinforce their resolve to smoothen their path-all paths that lead homeward and to welcome in innocent the injured, the prodigal and the pure into the Home, Himself.

Swami is the great reconciler. He reveals to us that the many we think we are, are all only one. To those who fight against every region is a facet of the same truth. The devotionally minded in all lands and of all races pray in many languages to the same God. The rationally inclined use different tools of logic to probe into the same Reality. They express their findings or failures in many dialects, but they all reveal the Incomprehensibility of the same God. The action-prone discover behind the masks, worn by those whom they worship through service-the deprived, the distressed, the diseased, and the face of the God they adore. Though the faces have different forms and features, they are all of the same God. The three directions in sadhana for union with the source (Yoga) are known as Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga. The Raja Yoga (respiratory regulation for purification of the mind) and Hatha Yoga (acquisition of mastery over respiratory, muscular, nervous and circulatory systems in order to isolate the Self from its material communicated personally to aspirants with requisite mental and physical equipment only.

I and I are I

Prashanthi is the destiny to which every Yoga leads. The Yoga that fosters fashions and fulfils all yogas is the Prema Yoga, the Sai Yoga. This is the unique mission of this unique Avatar. Its uniqueness consists in the universality of its Love, Wisdom, power and joy. No other personification of the Divine had this horizon-less dimension and this spontaneous liberality of Grace, this unquestioning compassion for the foolish the fumbling and the frenzied. Let us envelop ourselves in silence and silence our clamorous mind, disputatious reason, and listen to the Voice of Sai, the Divine Guru who has Prasanthi as the Boon. There is neither Thou nor That in Prasanthi. There is but one all comprehensive I.

The Avatar: Light From Above

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