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Sathya Sai declares that the subject of astrology has also been crated by the Almighty just like all the other holy scriptures.

Lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi initially created the World and to begin with they brough into existence the sages. The sages were gifted with the power of revealing the lives of the future human beings. The nine planets were created and were entrusted with the power to control the destiny of people.

The Divine Parents told the sages, " we have discussed between us the cause and effect of all the creations and have explained them to Nandhi, from whom you will come to know of the same". Further, the desinty of the human race was ordained by Lord Shiva, according to the individual's good and bad deeds and the remedial measures taken to ward off evil effects of one's actions. These were explained by Him to Paravathi, who passed on this knowledge to Lord Muruga (Subramanya), who in turn transmitted it to Nandhi Deva. Nandhi Deva finally taught them to the sages, who recorded the same in palm leaves, called 'Naadi' in Sanskrit and Tamil languages. The disciples of the sages treasured and protected them and used them for the benefit of humanity.

Thus the ancient knowledge transmitted successively was taught to Pareekshit by Sukha Deva, and to Rama and Lakshmana by Viswamitra. These Naadies have been found here and there in different parts of India. Many generations of people had taken upon themselves as a hereditary profession and sacred duty, to read and explain the contents of these Naadies for those who sought for them. (Actually the term "Naadi" in the Tamil landuages means 'seeking for'- i.e. those who come 'seeking' for predictions for themselves or others, are given the readings).

Swami Sivananda, who reads the Sukha Naadi, once went to Kanchi Paramacharya (the late Chandrasekharendra Sankaracharya Swamigal of Kanchipuram) and represented to him that all his sons have got educated and had gone out of his village for various professions, and that he was compelled to give up the reading of the Naadi scripture. The Paramacharya advised him that they are all sacred and time-honoured treasures of Bharath (India), which are fast disappearing, and that Sivananda should train at least one of his sons for the perpetuation and propagation of this holy knowledge.

These Naadi scriptures have prophesied and described so truly in graphic details of the coming events in the lives of people and even the advent of Avatars-all thousands of years ago. Oh yes, is not the Naadi astrology also the very certain of the Creator Himself!

There are several types of Naadi predictions. The selection of the particular leaf or leaves of the Naadi is based on one's birth charts in some, certain measurements of the shadow of the seeker in some others, or the physical features of the inquirer in still others. According to the Naadi astrology, our birth charts had already been cast thousands of years before our very birth in this world! What an amount of thought we give and troubles we take to name our new born both before and after they are born, but when we hear the Naadi readings, we find that these names had already been 'registered' -ages back- literally!

The names that appear in the Naadi are often indirectly indicated or with a slightly derivable form. For example, if the concerned seeker's name is Sita, it would have already been recorded in the Naadi in a recognizable alternative form, say, the consort of Rama (In the epic Ramayana, Sita is the wife of Rama). As for us, we imagine and think that we did a lot of searching in selecting a name for our child. Is not this single exmaple adequate to establlish that every thing in our life is pre-ordaned? If this is the case in the life or ordinary mortals like us, how wonderful will be the birth of the Divine Incarnations!

The birth of the Walking Divinity, Sathya Sai on this earth and His supreme powers had already been recorded in the Naadies thousands of years back. The details of His wonderful life and His mission in the world are getting more and more revealed through these Naadies. The Naadies had not proclaimed or broadcast on their own of their being the depository of such wonderful predictions. The secrets of the Avatar get revealed only occassionally, when Sai devotees as well as non-devotees seek for a reading of the Naadi predictions for them. The persons who read or listen to the Naadi predictions may themselves not know Baba or even heard of Him. Sometimes the seekers of the Naadi predictions query the reader (non-devotee) of the Naadi as to 'who is this Baba' and back comes the reply, " I have only read what has come in the Naadi and I do not know anything more". Later, when the non- devotee seeker happens to have the opporutunity of getting the darshan of Baba or an interview on the 'predicated date,' he comes to realise of his having seen the Avatar in person.

We have ourselves met quite a few Naadi raders and have listened to many individuals who have personally sought and got the Naadi readings on Bhagavan. These are only a trickling. Hwo much of a hidden mystery may still remain totally unrevealed! Who can really tell or guess?

Nevertheless we are uniquely fortunate that the Naadi predictions that we have been able to lay our hands on, have come to be true, and we have admist us the Sai Avatar to guide, bless and redeem us and the whole of humanity!


Through the love and grace of Bhagavan, we have got for us our Sai brother, Shri Krishnan of Bombay, a few minutes of acquaintance with whom - will make one feel perceptibly that he is a realised soul. We have writtten elsewhere in this book about Krishnan's own experience with Baba under the title 'Janan Upadesa Mantra by Jani'. When we met Shri Nallakurundappa Swami, an ardent devotee of Goddess Meenakshi, whose grace and blessings he simply exudes, he told us that Krishna is not merely a totally renounced type of a person but is one who has attained unity with the Divine (Samadhi). It is the very existence of such personage that helps to redeem the world.

Verily have we received the treasured divine gift of readings in Viswamitra Naadi on Bhagavan Sai as read to Sri Prasad (the name 'Prasad' itself means holy dedicated offering) through the kind help of Krishna. Krishana had written to us: "I met a friend by name Prasad. A treasure of rare and wonderful material about our Bhagavan make this known to the world through you. I have given the address of Prasad. Please do write to him and get it".

We wrote to Sri Prasad stating that, if he would be good enough to share with us the revelations made available to him through Viswamitra Naadi, so that thousands of readers of this book will get the grace and bliss of getting to know more about our Bhagavan. 'Prasad' is not his full name. But what we need is only the 'dedicated offering' (Prasad). The generous and large hearted Prasad was gracious enough to willingly share with us what he had got and learnt over a period of one year from the Naadi readings. We give below his letter as such:

"Jai Sai Ram.

Received you letter. Met uncle Krishnan and had a talk. The Sai Bhajan got completed as the Akshanda Bhajan (non-stop Bhajan for 24 hours) and I got the "Prasad" (holy ash) just now. Immediately I am writing this reply to you". (Imagine this "Prasad" of reply on receipt of 'Prasad' by 'Prasad' ! - all 'prasads'). "If, as you have written, my sharing of the wonderful experiences which Sai Bhagavan made me go through and of His bewitching plays in my life, would bring immense joy to thousands, then I consider that, what I give below is His biography itself. It is in this spirit that I am wrinting this to you".

"About five years ago, while I was in Coimbatore, I suffered heavy losses in my business undertakings. After the demise of my father, many items got into litigations. It was a tortouse and testing time for me. However, I was steadfast in my Sai service activities and in Meditaiton". (Bhagavan says whatever be the obstacles and circumstances, a steady observance of righteous activities alone will do the ultimate good). "Even with the most ardous efforts, the impediments abounded and the frustrations persisted in the running of my business.

"Once during this testing period, when I particupated in a festival at Puttaparthi, my heart cried out to Baba without my own knowledge. 'Oh Baba, what exactly is the sin that I had committed? Why do I have to undergo all this misery in this life ? unless I know it, how can my mind ever rest in peace? For hours together tears did not stop rolling down my eyes.

"On my return to Coimbarore, a friend of mine, a Sai devotee, gave me the address of a person who reads Viswamitra Naadi and advised me to go and meet him." (This rare and wonderful Naadi contains several mantras initiated by Sage Viswamitra to Rama and Lakshmana in Ramayana. These mantras were uttered by the sage several thousand years ago, after his severe penance for the purpose of bringing down the Sai Avatar had been predicated by the sages thousands of year ago, which advent has been only in response to their fervent prayers and severe penance).

The moment the Naadi reading commenced, Prasad was stunned by surprise by the very opening words, which were, as it were, a direct reply to his troubled mind by the merciful Bhagavan for all his anguish and cry at Puttaparthi. They very much resembled the divine teachings (upadesa) of Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad gita. Every teaching of Krishna in the Gita would start with the words, "Bhagavan Uvacha", meaning "The Lord said". In an identical manner the reading in the Naai started, "Sai Uvacha". Prasad gets the unique gifts of teaching directly from the Lord Sai in the same manner that Arjuna got his from Lord Krishna. We have come across several Naadi readings through many devotees and non-deovtees of Baba, but we have never heard of a direct teaching in this classical form of "Sai Uvacha". The Naadi reading proceeds as follows:-

"Sai Uvacha": The sins committed by you in you previous birth are countless; however, the good deeds are also many; therefore, it is my duty to guard you. Your life is like a pond full of slush, but I will clear the silt. The sins in respect of women have accumulated in plenty. There is also an injustice done to a great devotee. A Mahakala serpent (killing of a snake ) dhosha (sin) committed in your previous birth at the Chokkanatha temple in Madurai is also there. To be precise, it took place during the regime of Nadivarma Pallavan II. ( A King who ruled part of Tamil Nadu a few centuries ago). I, Sai, controlled you then and wanted to draw you out to me in this time of my Avatar."

Later, under the caption 'Viswamitra Uvacha', I came to know of the mysteries of the Sai Avatar in very many ways for a period of one year. Its essence is as given below:-

"Baba is Sarveswaran - the God of All Gods. Though all the fourteen worlds are within Him, He rules them all from Prasanthi Nilayam". (The holy body of Govinda is immanent in the millions of stars of the universe). "He is Chokkan {another name for Lord Shiva in Madurai Chokkanathaswami temple}. He is also kalki (one of the ten avatars of Vishnu). Give up all doubts. Give no room for illusion. Don't waste time in rituals. Hold on to him, the hundred percent full Divine. He will hold you by by your hands and uplift you. But as the doshas (sins) get eliminate progressively, you will be able to learn many righteous things".

"Whatever be your problems and hardship, it is He who directs them to you, all the time constantly testing your capacity to endure them. He is the very embryo of the disease in every problem, and He is Himself the medicine thereof. He is the one who serves you in many million ways" ( which Naadi can realy tell you of the unceasing service that the love-made Sai is unceasingly engaged in? Only the loving hearts of His devotees will!).

Sage Viswamitra continues:

"I am a tiny sage. I gave a hymn through this Naadi. You should devotedly repeat it as japa, write it in the form of a letter, and dedicate it to Baba at Puttaparthi. Baba will himself come and accept it from you". The hymn and prayer to Sai as given by Viswamitra for the welfare and upliftment of humanity rums as follows:-

"Boothabavya bavathprabho! Sri Prasanthi Sai Bhootatma, dharmatma, Sri Dhanavantri amsa Sathya Saiyey", mama prarthana:

'Uthishtra sokha sankata dhukhanivarana' Mahakrupa Krtrksha, 'Paahimaam Paahimaam Paahi'.

(Oh Lord, the Glorious -Sri prasanthi Sai May the elements do good always Thou are the Controller of the elements Thou are the Prime-mover of righteousness The tiny fraction is Dhanvantri (Divine healer)

Lord Sai, we pray unto thee: 'Wake up, remove depression, sorrow, misery,' Thou, Embodiment of mercy and grace 'Save us, redeem us, reclaim us, - one and all of us'.

The Naadi further adds that no sooner Baba accaepts this prayer than you should deliver it to all humanity for its redemption. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish by an incessant repetition of this holy hymn. More the repetition, more the benefits to one and all.

A few months after obtaining this reading, Prasad went to Puttapaathi. As he was seated amidst thousands of people, Baba came straight to him and literally plucked out the sheet of paper containing the hymn from Prasad's hands, and quietly wlaked away. Prasad says that Bhagavan's coming and taking away the paper only means that He has accepted the prayers for the redemption of humanity.

Prasad concludes: "For one year I heard the Naadi readings as read by K.Subramaniam and wrote them all by hand running to 250 pages". How true is Krishnan's declaration that Prasad has with him a hidden treasure of material about Baba! Now that we have the essence of this treasure, let us also join Sri Prasad in repeating the Bhagavan-accepted prayers for the redemption of the entire humanity.

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