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PRASHANTHI NILAYAM over the years has been attracting people from all over the world. The Ashram provides accommodation facilities for the people. There is dormitory type of common halls with common toilets. There are also individual rooms for families and elderly devotees. The North Block is for the over-sea devotees.

Situated adjacent to the Public Relations Office, [near the South Indian Canteen] the Accommodation Office has counters, for Indian devotees, for allotment of accommodation, extension of stay, etc. All payments are to be made in cash [rupees]. The checkout time is 12 noon. Leave your rent receipts and keys after locking the room at this office before departure. It is open from 6.00am to 8.30pm All rights of admission or allotment are reserved by the Ashram. Accommodation is not available when Bhagawan Baba is not in the Ashram during the summer months. No advance Reservations are made.


As soon as you arrive at the Ashram, you are requested to proceed to this office. Devotees can get such accommodation as is available at the time of their arrival, either rooms or dormitories. No single person is allotted a separate room. After payment, proceed to the room indicated on the receipt. The receipt must be carefully preserved during your stay here. Generally, during festival occasions, only dormitories are available; you may however enquire for rooms after the event. Service of porters is available and their tariff is notified on the walls outside. If only one key is available, you may use your own lock with several keys. If keys are lost, report this to the office immediately. Make sure to leave the room clean and tidy, switching off all the lights and closing all taps, doors and windows. Return the receipt with the key after locking the room at the office on your way out. For any guidance, you may approach the Seva Dal Volunteer posted in your block. Since he maintains a record of your movements, please cooperate with him. Cooking is not permitted in shared rooms, which have no separate kitchens. No locked portion of any room must be opened on any account.


Overseas devotees must proceed to the Public Relations Office first, an extension counter of which is located in North Building-7, A-25. Registration of passports are done here for the convenience of handling large numbers of devotees, parking and unloading. Registration of passports is a mandatory (government) requirement and involves checking of visas, date of entry into India, age, marital status and record of previous visits. A passport size photograph has also to be produced (those under 18 exempted) at least by the following day. Young men and women below 25 years of age are not permitted to stay in the Ashram alone, unless they arrive in a group or with their family. They may however participate in all the programs: Darshan, Bhajans, use Canteens, Shops, etc. Devotees staying outside the Ashram are not to join the groups inside.

After registration, go to the Accommodation Office for the assignment of rooms/ dormitories and thereafter occupy them. Cooking is not permitted except where there are separate kitchens. Beds and mattresses are not provided in all the rooms. In case they are unavailable / insufficient, you may make your own arrangements for these either by hiring or purchasing from outside.

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