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Darshan Interview Significance of Vibhuti
Guidelines & Code of Conduct

After reaching the Mandir, please wait for the signal of permission from the Seva Dal Volunteer to form the lines. Do not push. Observe SILENCE while sitting to pick up tokens. Use the time beneficially by reading spiritual literature or Namasmarana (uttering the name of the Lord continuously). Let your eyes not wander to other people and their actions. Retain the same attitude of mind. After you have entered the Darshan Hall sit quietly in a posture of comfort but always with consideration for those around you. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain control over the mind and develop a meditative attitude. Ladies and gents are seated separately in Sai Kulwant Hall for Darshan and Bhajan.

Never Never Underestimate the Power of the Darshan.

- Baba

It transforms the individual in its own subtle ways. During Darshan time, Bhagawan accepts letters from devotees, containing prayers, expression of gratitude, or love. No written reply is sent to the letters but Bhagawan Baba goes through every letter and responds in His own way. He also listens and talks to individuals, gives them blessings, blesses articles or materializes Vibhuti. If you must stretch your hand to Bhagawan, use only the right hand.

Do not grab my feet. Do not touch them unless I give you permission. Whenever I let a person touch my feet, I specially charge them for him or her alone and they will be of no special benefit for any other.

- Baba

If you are not able to give your letter on repeated attempts, you can always mail it to Bhagawan through the Post Office. He also knows who has come and where he or she is seated and what is the letter. Make sure the Bhagawan has finished giving Darshan and left the Darshan area, before you get up and leave. Light music is played during Darshan time and it stops with the end of Darshan.

"Always find a quiet corner after My darshan, where you may enter the stillness and receive the completion of My blessings. My energy goes out from me as I pass by you. If you proceed to talk to others, immediately this precious energy is dissipated and returns to me unused by you.

Rest assured that whatever My eyes sees become vitalized and transmitted. You are changed day by day. Never underestimate what is being accomplished by this act of Darshan. My walking among you is a gift; yearned for by the Gods of Highest heaven, and here you are, daily receiving this grace.

Be grateful. Be thankful. But also remember that to whom much is given, from him much will be demanded.

- Baba
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