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Darshan Interview Significance of Vibhuti
Guidelines & Code of Conduct

Everyone longs for an interview with Bhagawan, to be singled out by Him and called into the room, to sit with Him and to share spiritual and worldly problems, to receive His advice and His Blessings. Usually we know, when He looks at us and says, ‘GO’. If you are a group, the group can go. If you are a family, members from the opposite side can join you. You must walk to the verandah quickly, with poise and wait until you are asked to go in. men and women sit separately in the interview room. Sometimes individuals or small groups are taken into the smaller inner room while the others remain waiting in the room. Concentrate on spiritual matters to derive the greatest benefits from the interviews. Interviews are granted according to Bhagawan Baba’s Divine Will and your earnest prayer. No agency inside or outside the Ashram can arrange an interview with Bhagawan Baba.

Swami’s grace is abundant. You are worried because Swami did not talk to you. Swami does not waste any time. Morning and evening, I am granting interviews. But because of the crowds, it is not possible to see everyone. Have a heart to heart relationship. When the time comes, I will talk to you. Without worrying, think about God with Love.


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