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Guidelines & Code of Conduct

"The restrictions, rules and self controls are the royal road leading to the goal of self-realisation. They are not just to bind you, to limit or control you. Do not fret against the rules and regulations which the Organisation imposes on you; they are laid down for your own good. Regulation is the very essence of creation. The oceans observe their limits and bounds. The human body has to maintain its warmth at 37 degree Celsius in order to be healthy, and the heart has to beat at a definite number of times a minute."

- Baba

To help devotees in their Sadhana (spiritual efforts) for developing Divine Love and for realising their inherent Divinity, certain guidelines and code of conduct have been laid down for devotees as part of the discipline necessary for the purpose, so that during their stay in the Ashram, they may realise and use the nearness of Bhagawan Baba for furthering their progress in their Sadhana.

  1. Please concentrate on activities inside the Ashram and devote your time to sadhana (spiritual practices); such as meditation, doing japa or repeating the name of God.
  2. Please do not be friendly with strangers and encourage them to develop business relationship with you.
  3. Please do not listen to rumors or advice of any kind from third parties, but check up with the Public Relations Office for authentic information.
  4. Please observe silence and keep children under control.
  5. Avoid moving about outside the ashram. All necessary facilities are available inside the ashram compound, such as canteens, bakery, consumer goods stores, postal counter and telephones.
  6. Please dress in clean, modest and sober manner.
  7. Cash and other valuables can be deposited in a locker in the Public Relations Office for safe custody.
  8. Please make use of the canteens where food is prepared hygienically by devotees. There is Western canteen, South Indian canteen and a North Indian canteen. All are open to anyone visiting the ashram.
  9. Please note that donations by foreigners for any purpose in cash or kind either to individuals or to organizations (except to specific authorized bodies, of which the Sri Sathya Sai Trusts are the ones in Prashanthi Nilayam), and foreign money transactions (other than with Banks and Authorized Dealers) are not permitted under the law.If you wish to give a donation to Sri Sathya Central Trust, please go to the State Bank of India for the appropriate forms. Now there is an extension counter of the State Bank of India wherein the cash can be deposited.
  10. Please do not make or encourage collection of any kind for any individual or organization or cause.
  11. Fully respect and be aware of the limits of proper behavior in the environment in which you live. It is your responsibility if your behavior, however innocently, causes bad thoughts in others,
  12. Please ensure that your passports and visas remain valid during the period of your stay in the ashram.
  13. All visitors must bring enough money to adequately take care of their needs while in India. Those who live off money collected from other persons will not be allowed in Prashanthi Nilayam. All are warned against those who solicit money from visitors, and claim to have Baba’s Blessing to do so.
  14. When you vacate the room, please report the date of vacation to the Public Relations Office to ensure that all water-taps and electric switches are closed, and that the room is in a clean condition. After locking the room, if there is no one else in the room, return the key to the accommodation office.
  15. Please do not allow other persons to occupy the room allotted to you, the attached verandah, without specific permission from the accommodation office.
  16. Please do not bring offerings of any kind for Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba.
  17. Please do not bring cameras, binoculars, transistors, tape-recorders, metal things, steel chair, umbrella, large handbags, non-transparent bags, flower and toffees to the darshan area and the prayer hall.
  18. Please do not move about after the lights are off after 9.00pm
  19. Please do not follow Bhagawan Sathya Sai Baba’s car when He is travelling, unless you have been specially invited to do so.
  20. Exercise your discrimination and self-control in Baba’s presence, and be an example to those around you. Do not walk or rush after Baba when He moves about the ashram.
  21. Please leave your footwear outside when entering the darshan area, the prayer hall and other places indicated.
  22. Please ensure that food, water, energy and time are not wasted.
  23. Please co-operate in maintaining generally the tidiness, discipline and sanctity of the ashram.
  24. Smoking, gambling, consumption of alcoholic beverages, non-vegetarian food (including eggs) and drugs are strictly forbidden in the Ashram.
  25. Use of appliances like electric stove and heater is not permitted.
  26. Please do not try to open any locked portion of any room.
  27. Do not dry clothes in the Verandah or in other common places.
  28. Care should be taken to preserve the cleanliness of Ashram. Spitting and other unclean habits must be avoided.
  29. Taking photos inside Prashanthi Nilayam is prohibited. Please do not bring cameras, tape recorders, transistors, etc to the Mandir.
  30. Do not rush forward to fall at Bhagawan's Feet and please do move around and make noise until Darshan is over.
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